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Chamber of Shipping: Shipping industry leads drive for CO2 reduction

You are invited to attend the launch of a new discussion paper detailing the global cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon emissions from shipping.

The paper is produced and endorsed by:

· the UK Chamber of Shipping

· the Australian Shipowners Association

· the Royal Belgian Shipowners' Association

· the Norwegian Shipowners Association

· and the Swedish Shipowners' Association.

The press conference will be chaired by Jesper Kjaedegaard, president of the Chamber of Shipping, and Jan Kopernicki, vice-president of the Chamber who is responsible for Shell's international shipping activities, together with the authors of the paper.

Representatives from a number of the shipping associations will also be at the conference and available for comment.

The paper details a number of practical options for reducing CO2 emissions from shipping through emissions trading. The shipping associations will be urging their respective governments to support this option in the international negotiations at the UNFCCC talks in Copenhagen in December and subsequently within the International Maritime Organization.

The press conference will take place at The Chamber of Shipping, 12 Carthusian Street, London, EC1M 6EZ

The announcement will be preceded by a sandwich lunch at 1pm, the press conference will begin at 1.30pm prompt. Please contact Claire Sneddon to advise her of your attendance, arrange interviews or for more information, contact her on 020 7417 2888 or Claire.sneddon@british-shipping.org.

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