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BSIA pledges support to Government's counter-terrorism strategy

The British Security Industry Association and its members have pledged their support for CONTEST - the government's recently revised counter-terrorism strategy.

Security within the UK has never been more important. The threat from terrorism is at a sustained level which has never been experienced before and where the aim is to cause maximum damage and loss of life. CONTEST is the UK's strategy to defeat that threat and the private security industry is a recognised part of the strategy.

John Bates, BSIA Chief Executive, comments: "The BSIA and its members understand the important role they have to play in making the CONTEST strategy become a reality and will seek to contribute to all the elements which are dependent upon the private sector to deliver."

"BSIA members have been provided with a comprehensive guidance document which outlines the CONTEST strategy and which areas of CONTEST are applicable to the private sector. The BSIA has also supplied to members a motif for use in projects which contribute to the implementation of the CONTEST strategy, demonstrating the industry's support."

For more information on CONTEST, visit http://security.homeoffice.gov.uk/counter-terrorism-strategy/ BSIA members can download the BSIA guide to CONTEST from the members' area of the BSIA website.

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