Our Services

bpas treats all clients with dignity and respect and provides confidential, non-judgmental services.

Abortion care

bpas provides abortion care at over 20 clinics around England and Wales. We have over 30 additional consultation centres to offer pregnancy testing and counselling to establish appropriate and acceptable care.

bpas offers a choice of abortion methods appropriate to the gestation of the pregnancy. In early pregnancy, bpas offers early medical abortion and vacuum aspiration procedures under local or general anaesthetic. In later pregnancies, clinics offer a surgical alternative to medical induction whenever possible.

bpas provides abortion care on behalf of more than 60 NHS health authorities and trusts and is responsible for almost two thirds of NHS-funded abortions undertaken by specialist agencies.

Contraception and Emergency Contraception

bpas is committed to advocating the widest range of reliable contraceptive methods for women. In some areas we provide a specialist contraceptive service by arrangement with the local NHS. We routinely offer contraceptive counselling for women who have abortions with us, and in most cases can provide women with their chosen method of contraception following their treatment.

bpas was the first service provider to encourage its doctors to provide emergency 'morning after' contraceptive pills (ECPs) in advance of a woman's need to use them. A supply of ECPs is offered to women attending bpas clinics for abortion. Our online service, www.bpasbypost.co.uk, allows women to purchase up to four sets of ECPs in advance. bpasbypost also offers STI testing and treatment, and advice and treatment for erectile dysfunction.

bpas is able to provide vasectomy as a daycare procedure using local anaesthetic, and female sterilisation procedures using local or general anaesthetic with the choice of daycare treatment or an overnight stay. Both procedures are available regardless of age, parity or marital status.

Information, education and advocacy.

bpas provides accurate, balanced information on matters relating to unwanted pregnancy. Briefing papers on relevant medical, legal, demographic and ethical issues are circulated to policy makers and opinion formers. The press office provides comment and support for journalists and researchers.

bpas organises seminars and symposia for health professionals, administrators and policy makers to facilitate the dissemination of new ideas and research. We provide speakers for conferences and workshops and produce materials to assist students.

bpas seeks opportunities to advocate the need for safe, legal abortion care for all those who wish to use it. We offer support to those seeking to make abortion more easily accessible throughout Britain and to those working for the legalisation of abortion in the North and South of Ireland. BPAS advises the All-Party Pro-Choice Group of parliamentarians and is a member of the Voice for Choice network.



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