Glass, Society and Environment (TC12)

Glass for a Sustainable Society

TC-12 is a Technical Committee of the International Commision on Glass.

The International Commission on Glass (ICG) is a non-profit international society of national scientific and technical organisations with particular interests in glass science and technology.

The aim of ICG is to promote and stimulate understanding and co-operation between glass experts in the fields of science and technology of glass as well as art, history and education.

The ICG achieves these objectives by organising technical committee (TCs) work (eg laboratory round robins, comparative studies, topical meetings), compiling information on glass (eg publishing scientific and technical papers, reports and books), and by sharing and disseminating knowledge on glass in advanced educational courses and workshops.

TC12 is concerned with the role of Glass in a Sustainable Society and particularly at this time with the issues of Climate Change.

The mission of TC12 is to offer a platform for the exchange of technical information on the benefits that glass products bring to society and the environment and to initiate, encourage and support promotion of the use of those products.

Click here to read more of the activies of TC12 in their 2008 Annual Report.


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