What is Autism Cymru?
Autism Cymru is Wales' National Charity for Autism. It is a practitioner-led charity set up in 2001 to improve the lives of people in Wales with an autistic spectrum disorder and their families. It has a dedicated national brief in Wales and in the projection of Welsh practice within and outside Wales.

Vision Statement
Autism Cymru takes the view that each person with an autistic spectrum disorder in Wales should receive a service appropriate to their assessed needs, whatever their age and wherever they live. In order to achieve this Autism Cymru actively promotes at both national and local levels the practice of strategic, collaborative, multidisciplinary partnerships and highly focused co-ordination of services to people with autistic spectrum disorders and their families.

Autism Cymru's aims
Autism Cymru does not set up homes or schools but seek to influence major policy change via collaborative practice, education and training, research and awareness raising.

How is Autism Cymru managed?
All its trustees live within Wales and it is staffed by Welsh-based practitioners. It has offices in Aberystwyth, Cardiff and Wrexham.

Autism Cymru operates or manages the following websites:

The All Wales Autism Resource, which provides bilingual infomation for those with autism in Wales.

Autism Connect, the worldwide portal for autism with over 35,000 members worldwide.


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