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ABI: Flood advice

The ABI has issued advice to people who have suffered flood damage following the recent heavy rainfall.

. Household and business insurance policies cover flood damage. If you have been affected, contact your insurer as soon as possible. Most offer 24-hour emergency helpline services to arrange for repairs to be carried out and damage to be inspected.
. If necessary, arrange for temporary repairs to be carried out to stop any damage getting worse. Keep receipts, as these will be needed for your insurance claim.
. Most policies will cover the cost of alternative accommodation (up to a specified limit) if you need to move out of your home while it is being repaired.
. Comprehensive motor insurance will cover flood damage caused to vehicles.
. Do not use electricity or water supplies until the all clear is given.
. Once flood water has receded, disinfect floors and furnishings. Where practical, leave doors, windows and cupboards open. If possible, keep rooms heated.
. Do not rush to redecorate, as it may take some weeks for the property to fully dry out.
. Don't do anything that puts you or your family at risk.

Nick Starling, the ABI's Director of General Insurance and Health, said:
"Events like flooding highlight why insurance is so important. The first priority for insurers will be to ensure that every claim is dealt with as quickly as possible and they will do everything they can to help customers recover."


1. Enquiries to:
Jonathan French 020 7216 7392 (Mobile: 07958 330 480)
Malcolm Tarling 020 7216 7410 (Mobile: 07776 147 667)
Erfan Hussain 020 7216 7411 (Mobile: 07712 841 184)
Kelly Ostler-Coyle 020 7216 7415 (Mobile: 07968 364 302)

2. The ABI is the voice of the insurance and investment industry. Its members constitute over 90 per cent of the insurance market in the UK and 20 per cent across the EU. They control assets equivalent to a quarter of the UK's capital. They are the risk managers of the UK's economy and society. Through the ABI their voice is heard in Government and in public debate on insurance, savings and investment matters.

3. An ISDN line is available for broadcasts.

4. More news and information from the ABI is available at the ABI website

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