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"How long will it be before the UK realises that immigration is a win-win, for immigrants and Brits alike?"


Immigration myths

Immigrants aren't taking your job

After your job? Research shows no connection between immigration and unemployment

New research shows immigrants aren't keeping down wages or driving up unemployment

Britain doesn't know how good it's got it

Get off the internet and stop moaning: Brits never had it so good

The debate over immigration and the BBC shows Brits don't know a good thing when it's staring them in the face


Preventing another Savile: The next child abuse scandal is in our prisons

After Savile: Are prisons the next sex abuse scandal?

A culture of secrecy in England's jails is preventing a probe of children's safety

Three men given custodial sentences after pioneering forensic techniques used to catch badger killers

DNA from dead badger found on bloodied clothing belonging to defendant.

NCC holds Westminster briefing

On 24 February 2015 the NCC held a briefing session in Parliament to inform MPs about the work of the trade association.

Polling suggests London politicians should get behind Heathrow

Nowhere is the Heathrow debate more fiercely conducted than in London. For years, local politicians have been wary of the subject, but new polling suggests support for expansion could be key to their general election campaign.

Tax return penalty? What you should know and how you can respond

Taxpayers who filed by the Self-Assessment deadline of January 31st but who made a mistake in their submission could be facing a demand from HMRC for an ‘inaccuracy penalty’ typically amounting to 15% of the tax understated.

TUC poll shows exploitation of teachers

Chris Keates: 'The news that teachers do the most unpaid overtime of any sector and have the highest proportion of its workforce undertaking regular unpaid overtime comes as no surprise to the NASUWT'.

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