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"As Miliband's great hero Engels almost put it, an ounce of Tory action is worth a ton of Labour theory"

Tory conference: Boris and Theresa

Bricking news: Boris fails to steal the show

Boris Johnson and friend

Boris Johnson's buffoonery finally met its match at the Conservative party conference this year. It turns out waving a brick around and cracking jokes is no match for a hardline approach against extremism.

Could Theresa May's 'extremism Asbo' ban the Socialist Workers Party?

May: Tough new powers but vague definitions

Severe new legal sanctions could include Communists, anti-abortion groups and Christian preachers

Justice and the law

Comment: Human rights law protects us against ministers like Grayling

Grayling: Promises reform of Human Rights Act

No wonder Chris Grayling wants to tear up the Human Rights Act. The law just gets in his way.

Osborne conference speech

Osborne unveils brutal new cuts for working age Brits

Osborne: Targets core vote amid Ukip-inspired chaos

George Osborne ratchets up severity of his austerity programme, with a promise to introduce £25 billion of new cuts in the next parliament

Pain, poverty and the cold, hard sound of Tory applause

George Osborne's speech was somehow familiar... very familiar

The applause was as hard-edged as George Osborne's smile. Even after all these years, he still hasn't learned how to look convincingly happy. And the Conservatives like him all the more for it.

Osborne's vision of the future is worthy of a Terminator movie

Terminator: Is this George Osborne's vision of the future?

Osborne must now be considered the most divisive chancellor in modern British political history

Largest lenders in 2013: the top 20

Today, we publish data showing the most active mortgage lenders in 2013.

ABI publishes 'UK Insurance Key Facts 2014

Insurers paying out in excess of £450 million every day to UK customers – ABI publishes ‘UK Insurance Key Facts 2014’.

Engineering dominates top ten graduate starting salaries

Students graduating from engineering courses are likely to be amongst the highest graduate earners, according to The Times Good University Guide 2015.

Guidance at retirement should cover mortgages, CML says

We are urging that government plans to introduce free guidance for those about to retire should explicitly refer to outstanding debts, including mortgages.

NASUWT comments on Ofsted's pupils behaviour report

Chris Keates: 'The Chief Inspector is, as usual, talking nonsense to suggest that teachers accept poor behaviour from pupils or are failing to address it'.

Lenders welcome government commitment on flooding insurance

We welcome government measures seeking to ensure that people in areas at risk of flooding are able to afford adequate insurance cover for their homes.

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