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"If there was a vote in the House of Commons to repeal the privatisation of the health service that has been seen in England, we would vote for that"

Cameron's war on Scotland

David Cameron declares war on Scotland

Bitter enemies, shaking hands for the cameras

The independence referendum may have been lost, but the SNP continues to slowly advance towards its ultimate goal. David Cameron's partisan selfishness is slowly driving Britain apart.

The charities crisis

Comment: The squeeze on charities is slowly crushing the third sector

Justice secretary Chris Grayling has acted to systematically blunt charities' campaigning activities

Charities are facing the squeeze. Not just financially — although that is certainly happening too—but from the pressure of political and public opinion.

Greece and the European soul

Comment: Greece gives EU the chance to rediscover its social mission

The eurozone crisis continues - but the poor must not pay the price

Europe wasn't just a free market project - it was about solidarity. Now it's time to show it.

How British immigration rules boosted slavery

Comment: Is domestic slavery in Britain worse than Saudi Arabia?

The new slavery: Domestic servitude thrives under new visa rules

A little-heard of change to visa rules in 2012 created a slave class among Britain's domestic workers

Help to Buy mortgage guarantee helping 10% of first-time buyers

The first year of the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme has seen almost 30,300 home loans completed with the help of the initiative.

NASUWT comments on public accounts committee report into education and training participation

Chris Keates: 'The NASUWT has warned consistently that the issues highlighted by the Public Accounts Committee today would be the inevitable result of Coalition Government policy'.

BASC and National Crime Agency collaborate to provide firearms security advice

Advice for firearms certificate holders on protecting their firearms from theft has been published by the UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the police.

Five things to look out for in 2015 – and three things we hope won’t happen!

Last year proved to be an eventful and highly successful one for the industry. In the first full year of market recovery since the credit crunch, mortgage lending grew by more than 15%.

NCC welcomes Carbon Monoxide Parliamentary Report

The NCC Product Approval Scheme, which ensures that a CO alarm is fitted in new caravans and other leisure vehicles, is featured in a new Parliamentary Report into carbon monoxide.

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