The eurozone crisis

The ongoing eurozone crisis has enormous implications for Britain. Plunging GDP predictions across the continent have a strong effect on our own economic performance, of course. But David Cameron's veto of a bid to push through fiscal integration across the European Union has prompted fresh tensions of its own, as Britain's relationship with the continent is fundamentally reassessed.

Labour politicians increasingly pushing for the end of freedom of movement

Labour votes with Tories to pull out of single market in Wales

Labour politicians increasingly pushing for the end of freedom of movement

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    ABI International Regulation Seminar

    Collision or Convergence? A New World Order for the International Insurance Market? The collapse or forced bail-outs of a series of large, financial institutions in 2008 threw both markets and governments into turmoil. Now the fate of some European economies threatens even larger ructions.

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    CPA: Eurozone Slowdown and Cost Inflation Pose Major Threat to Construction Product Industry

    The Construction Products Association’s latest State of Trade Survey, which has been launched today, shows that although a Eurozone crisis appears to have been averted for the time being, the prospect of an economic slowdown in the major European economies, together with increasing global energy and raw material prices, remain as the major threats to further recovery in the UK construction products industry.

  • "Glossy TV teacher recruitment adverts have appeared, which fool no one."

    Teacher supply in crisis

    73% say they have seriously considered leaving their current job in the last year

  • "Staggering from year to year making paltry single percentage offers will not address the problems"

    Action on pay needed to address teacher supply crisis

    Nearly three quarters (72%) of teachers think potential recruits are being putting off a career in teaching because of pay levels

With friends like these: Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel are now politically distant.

Everything you need to know about the eurozone deal in five minutes

What is the eurozone deal, what does it mean for British politics and will it solve the crisis?

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