Support for Scottish independence continues to fall

Salmond feeling the strain? Support for independence is falling.
Salmond Feeling the strain? Support for independence is falling.f
Ian Dunt By

Alex Salmond's hopes of securing Scottish independence were dwindling today, after a new poll showed support for separation continued to fall.

Just two months into the official 'yes' campaign, support for independence fell three points from the start of the year to 30%.

The YouGov poll for the Scottish Fabians showed 54% of people opposed independence – up one point since January.

The news comes amid crucial wrangling between Westminster and Holyrood as ministers in London try to keep the referendum on the single issue of independence.

The SNP would rather include a third option – for further devolution of powers.

"Frankly the Scottish people deserve to have their fair, legal and decisive referendum," David Cameron said in a visit to Glasgow earlier.

"It really should be possible to do this – all the Scottish political parties and the two campaigns want a single question. For heaven's sake, let's not let process get in the way of the outcome the Scottish people deserve."

Westminster is prepared to hand the Scottish parliament the powers to hold the legally binding referendum on the basis of a single question, but it would probably be willing to pass the legislation in London if Holyrood persists with a third choice.

Salmond's government said it was still trawling through the 21,000 responses to the consultation and would make an announcement afterwards.


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