Huhne's ex-wife to reveal all

There may be trouble ahead: Chris Huhne's past could come back to haunt him
There may be trouble ahead: Chris Huhne's past could come back to haunt him

By staff

Chris Huhne's future as a potential Liberal Democrat leader could be derailed by his estranged wife.

Vicky Price, who Mr Huhne left for his former press secretary last June, is writing a book about the impact the energy secretary's decisions have had on her life.

According to those close to her the book will address themes relating to family and politics.

"She only had a few minutes to learn about the affair and that he thought he would not have to resign because [former Labour foreign secretary] Robin Cook did not have to," a friend explained.

"Straight after announcing it he went off to the gym."

Mr Huhne's affair with Carina Trimingham, 44, culminated in his separation from economist Ms Pryce last year after 26 years of marriage.

While there were no calls to resign because of his infidelity, the publication of lurid details of the breakdown of his marriage could have a damaging impact on any hopes he has of one day becoming Lib Dem leader.

Ms Pryce has made an especially inflammatory claim relating to a speeding offence. She has accused Mr Huhne of asking an aide to take the points on his behalf. The energy secretary categorically denies the allegation.

Mr Huhne lost to Nick Clegg in the party's 2007 leadership election. He is thought to remain deeply ambitious, however. Any failure of the coalition could prompt a leadership challenge before the general election.

Ms Pryce's book's working title is Thirty Minutes To Kill The Story - based on something Mr Huhne once said to his wife about salvaging his career.


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