Boy who wore skirt to school shortlisted for human rights award

The power of the skirt: Pupil challenges discrimination with creative protest.
The power of the skirt: Pupil challenges discrimination with creative protest.

By Ian Dunt

A boy who wore a skirt to school in a bid to overturn its policy against shorts has been shortlisted for a human rights award.

Chris Whitehead found a loophole in his school's policy and turned up the next day wearing a skirt to protest against discrimination. His actions prompted the school to pledge a review of the policy.

The pupil has been shortlisted for the 'human rights young person of the year' award for his "creative use of peaceful".

Labour MP Tom Watson is nominated for the 'independent voice of the year' award for his "forensic skills" during questioning on the culture, media and sport select committee during the phone-hacking scandal.

He competes against Telegraph columnist Peter Oborne, who was credited with being "a consistent voice of reason and integrity" in the fight to save the Human Rights Act.

Janis Sharp, mother of Gary McKinnon, is nominated for the 'close to home' award for her campaign to prevent her son being extradited to the US.

In the same category, legal firm Davies, Gore & Lomax was credited with its exhaustive legal campaign on behalf of residents at Dale Farm. Housing Justice was praised for its fight against Westminster Council’s plans to make the distribution of free food to homeless people illegal.

The satirical magazine Private Eye was shortlisted for the 'long walk' award for holding "the mighty to account with wit and wisdom".

The awards, which will be handed out at a ceremony in central London tonight, are organised by Liberty.


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