AV race hots up as Miliband and Cameron go head-to-head

Miliband and Cameron clash as AV race hots up
Miliband and Cameron clash as AV race hots up

By politics.co.uk staff

The referendum on AV heated up significantly today as David Cameron and Ed Miliband launched simultaneous campaign events.

In a sign of how the campaign has driven a wedge through political parties across Westminster, Mr Miliband shared a platform with business secretary Vince Cable as well as representatives from trade unions and the Green party.

Meanwhile, David Cameron conducted an event with John Reid, former Labour home secretary.

Miliband: Don't use AV vote to punish Clegg

Cameron: I know AV is wrong 'in my guts'

With just weeks to go until the referendum itself, polls are still split on which camp is likely to win out although electoral reformers are hoping that a higher turnout in Scotland and Wales could see them clinch the deal.

A ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday newspaper put the 'no' campaign six points ahead, prompting the prime minister to stress that the coalition would survive a no vote.

"Whatever the result on May 5th, this is a five-year government," he told Sky News.

"Nick and I are absolutely committed to taking the government and its programme forward."

Analysts expect many voters to base their decision on other factors, namely, whether they want to punish Mr Cameron or Mr Clegg at the polls.

The 'yes' camp have become so wary of Mr Clegg's profile that Mr Miliband has refused to share a platform with him during the campaign.

The referendum takes place on May 5th.


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