Blair memoir 'a love letter to Bush'

Blair's memoir, A Journey, is published next month
Blair's memoir, A Journey, is published next month

By staff

Tony Blair's memoir is "basically an extended love letter" to George Bush, according to an insider.

An aide to Tony Blair told the News of the World that the book launches a full defence of the much-derided US president, saying he was the only man with the courage to take on Al-Qaeda.

"It is the biggest and most unapologetic defence of Bush and his ideas ever written," the paper quoted the aide as saying.

"It is basically an extended love letter. Tony says he was wowed by Bush's strength, courage and conviction and saw him as a highly intelligent and visionary friend.

"He says the Americans were the only ones with an effective vision on how to deal with al-Qaeda and Iraq."

If the comments are accurate, the book is sure open up old wounds in Labour, which is still trying to move on from the decision to invade Iraq and the damage done to its reputation by Mr Blair's slavish adherence to American demands.

Labour leadership contender Ed Miliband insisted that Labour needed to be more critical of Britain's relationship with the US if it was to regain the trust of voters, but his brother, David, has told Labour supporters that they have punished the leadership enough for the Iraq debacle.

Mr Blair's performance in front of the Iraq inquiry earlier this year showed the former prime minister has lost none of his moral certainty when it comes to his foreign policy record.

Activists hoping for an apology for the war were instead greeted by the sight of Mr Blair insisting the international community should take a tougher stance over Iran.

The memoir, A Journey, will be published next month.