Archive of 29 July 2010

Pakistan's commitment to the war on terror is in doubt

Blunt Cameron stands by Pakistan comments

David Cameron has defended his frank comments about Pakistan, after ruffling diplomatic feathers in Islamabad and beyond.

  • Tory leaders leave the Cabinet Office during coalition negotiations

    Coalition rewrites post-election history

    David Cameron has denied misleading Conservative MPs during coalition talks with the Liberal Democrats, insisting he did not tell them Labour was offering Nick Clegg's party electoral reform without a referendum.

  • Politicians were investigated for promoting issues in exchange for cash

    Ex-Blair aide cleared of wrongdoing

    A former aide to Tony Blair has been cleared of wrongdoing after allegations that she would take cash to exercise parliamentary influence.

  • Default retirement age will be dropped from October 2011

    Work till you drop?

    Employers will not be able to force 65-year-olds to retire from October 2011, the government has announced, giving older people the opportunity to continue working as long as they like.

  • The government hopes to drastically reduce waste

    Waste review prompts pessimism

    A government waste review has been greeted with pessimism by local representatives, who have warned of the enormity of the task ahead.

  • Sayeeda Warsi is now chairwoman of the Conservative party

    Warsi egg-thrower jailed

    A protestor who threw eggs at senior Conservative Muslim Sayeeda WArsi in Luton has been jailed for six weeks.

  • Scotland looks into the abyss

    Scotland confronts tough spending decisions

    The Scottish government may have to abandon some of its most distinctive policies in the face of sweeping spending cuts, an independent budget review has concluded.

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