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Production team at Sky News prepares for tonight's debate

Leaders' foreign affairs TV debate: As-it-happens

Review our coverage of the second leaders' debate here.

  • Party leaders have promised not to bash refugees in debates

    Parties pledge to protect refugees

    Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Gordon Brown have signed a pledge to honour the importance of refugee protection ahead of the second leaders' debate focusing on foreign policy tonight.

  • A new report claims England will bear brunt of spending cuts

    England 'will be hardest hit' by cuts

    Scotland and Wales will get a better deal than England from the post-election spending cuts promised by the three main parties, claims a report published today.

  • Nick Clegg came under attack today in Daily Mail

    Clegg attacked over World War II comments

    Nick Clegg came under attack today in the Daily Mail for writing that British people have a "more insidious" cross to bear than Germany over the Second World War.

  • Premier league fans may be allowed to stand by a Lib Dem government

    Lib Dems woo football fans

    Safe standing in football stadiums could be introduced by a Liberal Democrat government, their culture, media and sport spokesman announced today.

  • Nick Herbert will go to Poland

    Tories send senior gay MP to Poland

    The most senior gay member of the shadow Cabinet will visit the Tories' European partners to push for homosexual equality.

  • Shaun Bailey

    Conservative candidate charity money missing

    A charity run by Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate Hammersmith and Shepherds' Bush in west London, could be investigated by the Charity Commission after it was discovered £16,000 was missing from its accounts.

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