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Nick Clegg stresses a point at his morning press conference earlier today

Clegg rejects Brown's olive branch

Gordon Brown's overtures for a progressive alliance with the Liberal Democrats seem to be dead in the water, with Nick Clegg calling the prime minister "desperate".

  • Brown is "a desperate politician and I just do not believe him", Clegg says

    Clegg lashes out at the PM

    A highly personal attack on Gordon Brown by Nick Clegg in today's Daily Telegraph casts serious doubt on whether the two men will ever be able to work together in the event of a hung parliament.  

  • Nick Clegg stresses a point at his morning press conference earlier today

    Unemployment rises

    Unemployment has risen by 43,000 in the last three months compared to the previous quarter.

  • Facebook has aided Luton South's Joe Hall

    Facebook fuels Luton South outsider

    An independent candidate standing in the crucial Labour-Conservative Luton South marginal has given his campaign a boost by attracting more Facebook supporters than those of almost all the Cabinet.

  • Lib Dems rising high in polls

    The polls: Lib Dems nose ahead

    The Liberal Democrat bubble has not yet burst, a week on from the TV debate which gave Nick Clegg such a boost.

  • An unfortunate place to leave a secret dossier

    Cabbie finds Clegg's debate dossier

    A senior aide to Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg left his notes on last week's televised debate in the back of a London taxi.

  • Lib Dems: 'We know who the fields are voting for'

    Rural Tories spot Lib Dem weak spot

    Conservatives defending the marginal West Worcestershire seat are attacking the Liberal Democrats' national policies as the local party looks to make an impressive gain.

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