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Antisocial drinkers can get a "booze ASBO" under new laws which come into force today.

Govt introduces 'booze ASBOs'

Antisocial drinkers can get a "booze ASBO" under new laws which come into force today.

  • McKinnon faces extradition

    US campaigners join McKinnon fight

    The United States' leading civil liberties organisation has joined forces with its British counterpart Liberty to demand action on the extradition treaty and the case of computer hacker Gary McKinnon.

  • Michael Martin's peerage has been the cause of controversy

    Michael Martin given peerage

    Former Speaker Michael Martin has finally been given his peerage.

  • Lord Turner has warned bankers he backs radical plans to tax banks.

    Lord Turner warns bankers

    The chair of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has warned bankers he backs radical plans to tax banks to prevent excessive risk-taking and the bonus culture.

  • Protestors set up camp in London today

    Climate Camp hits London

    Climate Camp has descended on London today, with activists establishing their protest on Blackheath - the scene of the Peasants' Revolt.

  • Senator Edward Kennedy, who has died at the age of 77

    Brown and Blair lead Kennedy tributes

    Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have led British tributes to Senator Edward Kennedy, the legendary Democrat politician, who died of a brain tumour overnight.

  • Ben Kingsley in Moses: Tweetier-than-thou?

    Public choose MPs' ten commandments

    MPs and prospective parliamentary candidates are to be handed the ten political commandments, voted for by the Twittering public, which should govern their political lives in Westminster.

  • Workless household numbers jump

    Recession worsens for workless households

    The number of households with no adults working has jumped at its fastest year-on-year rate since Labour came to power in 1997, new figures show.

  • The BNP failed to send in returns for its donations

    BNP to be fined for donations

    The British National party (BNP) will be issued with a fine for failing to issue a return to the Electoral Commission concerning its donations.

  • Fans invade the pitch last night

    Riot 'a disgrace to football'

    Last nights clashes between West Ham and Millwall fans were "a disgrace to football", the sports minister has said.

  • John Prescott appeared to deviate from the line taken by Gordon Brown over the last few days

    Prescott endorses MacAskill decision

    Former deputy prime minister John Prescott has endorsed Kenny Prescott endorses MacAskill's decision to release the convicted Libyan terrorist Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds.

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