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Animal rights outcry at Euro slaughter decision

Animal rights outcry at Euro slaughter decision

Animal rights groups have reacted with outrage at a European Union ruling earlier this week protecting Jewish and Muslim methods of slaughtering animals.

  • Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

    Young Brits don't care about politics

    An overwhelming majority of young people in the UK don't trust politicians to make the right decisions for them, new research revealed.

  • From 2011, schools will no longer have to implement national strategies in literacy and numeracy.

    Pivotal education policy abandoned

    The government will reverse one of the most significant education policies of the Blair era, ending centralised control of schools and granting teachers more powers, it was revealed today.

  • Ed Balls to scrap Blair's school policy

    Balls 'breached Speaker's rules'

    Schools secretary Ed Balls was accused today of breaching new Speaker John Bercow's ruling that MPs should speak to the Commons before making any announcement to the press.

  • The attorney general has asked police to investigate allegations of British security service involvement in torture.

    Investigation into UK torture collusion

    A parliamentary inquiry will investigate whether counter-terrorism chiefs ordered the rendition and torture of a former British resident, it was revealed today.

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