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D-day for Tory MPs in Westminster

Tory MPs face the music - and pay back another £125k

Tories will pay back a further £125,000 in expenses claims after the party's internal discplinary committee published its findings this morning.

  • Cameron wants to give voters a 'right to data'

    Cameron: We'll bring back your freedoms

    The government is creating a "control state" but the Tories will undo much of Lasbour's authoritarian legislation, David Cameron has said.

  • The Court of Appeal ruled in a landmark decision on the admissions criteria used by faith schools

    Jewish school 'breaches race relations'

    The qualification for admission to the Jews' Free School (JFS) is a test of ethnicity and not religion and is therefore in breach of the Race Relations Act, the Court of Appeal ruled today.

  • 'U-turn': Ms Harman will include Lib Dem's amendment

    Another U-turn on reform

    The government has pulled a sharp U-turn over its decision to restrain the actions of the committee in charge of overseeing the reform of parliament.

  • Mayor spends £4,000 on taxis

    Mayor spends £4,000 on taxis

    Boris Johnson's spent over £4,000 of taxpayer money on taxis since taking office just over a year ago it has been revealed.

  • Corus workers face layoffs

    Govt steps in to help Corus

    Corus will receive £5 million from the government after the steel giant announced plans to lay off nearly 2,000 employees.

  • Gordon Brown has promised to be prudent with public money

    Brown responds with 'prudence' pledge

    Gordon Brown was with young Labour candidates and activists as they signed a pledge promising to "put the country's interest first" this afternoon.

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