Archive of 25 June 2009

D-day for Tory MPs in Westminster

Tory MPs face the music - and pay back another £125k

Tories will pay back a further £125,000 in expenses claims after the party's internal discplinary committee published its findings this morning.

  • Cameron wants to give voters a 'right to data'

    Cameron: We'll bring back your freedoms

    The government is creating a "control state" but the Tories will undo much of Lasbour's authoritarian legislation, David Cameron has said.

  • The Court of Appeal ruled in a landmark decision on the admissions criteria used by faith schools

    Jewish school 'breaches race relations'

    The qualification for admission to the Jews' Free School (JFS) is a test of ethnicity and not religion and is therefore in breach of the Race Relations Act, the Court of Appeal ruled today.

  • More taxpayers' cash going into MPs' pensions - not any more

    MPs' pension increase abandoned

    A Conservative U-turn forced Gordon Brown's hand last night as the prime minister abandoned plans to increase taxpayers' contributions to MPs' pensions.

  • 'U-turn': Ms Harman will include Lib Dem's amendment

    Another U-turn on reform

    The government has pulled a sharp U-turn over its decision to restrain the actions of the committee in charge of overseeing the reform of parliament.

  • Postal services bill goes awol

    Postal services bill 'lost in the post'

    The government remains cagey on the whereabouts of the postal services bill, which may not now be debated in the Commons before the summer recess.

  • Govt announces cybersecurity strategy

    Anger at cybersecurity announcement

    Lord West has been made the government's new minister in charge of cybersecurity strategy, amid anger from the Tories over the way the appointment was announced.

  • Gordon Brown has promised to be prudent with public money

    Brown responds with 'prudence' pledge

    Gordon Brown was with young Labour candidates and activists as they signed a pledge promising to "put the country's interest first" this afternoon.

  • Corus workers face layoffs

    Govt steps in to help Corus

    Corus will receive £5 million from the government after the steel giant announced plans to lay off nearly 2,000 employees.

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