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21st century security poses new challenges

'Radical' security shift sought

Calls for a radical overhaul of Britain's national security needs have brought Britain face-to-face with the changing demands of the 21st century.

  • Water companies' bad debt costs each household an estimated £11 every year.

    Hot weather could push up water prices

    Climate change and population growth will mean increased pressures on how much water is available, a report concluded today.

  • New GDP figures are far worse than expected

    GDP falls again

    There was more bad news for Labour today as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that the current recession is deeper than previously thought.

  • Police tactics come under fire from MPs

    MPs take on police over G20

    The police are facing the ramifications of their controversial tactics for the policing of the G20 demonstrations today, as parliament's home affairs committee published a damning report into the mistakes made during the event.

  • Purnell: Fading into the background?

    Purnell takes on new job

    James Purnell has landed himself another job at think tank demos.

  • Cancer patients to be paid to go private

    Cancer patients paid to go private

    Gordon Brown is expected to announce a significant expansion of private sector involvement in the healthcare service today.

  • Parliament, and something on the side

    Tories to publish 'second jobs' list

    David Cameron's front bench team will reveal full details of their second jobs today, in a move which precedes the parliamentary process which would force the details out into the open.

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