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Parliament undermined?

MPs furious over 'flagrant' Equitable stance

Opposition MPs are backing parliamentary ombudsman Ann Abraham after the government's refusal to give compensation to policyholders at Equitable Life.

  • Muslims more patriotic than Brits

    Muslims more patriotic than Brits

    Britain's Muslim population identify with Britain more than the general population, a surprise new poll has found.

  • The database also contains fingerprints

    Crunch time for the DNA database

    The new face of Britain's DNA database will be put up to public consultation today, as the Home Office responds to court judgements demanding innocent people have their profiles removed.

  • Ed Balls, children's secretary

    Science Sats scrapped

    Science tests for 11-year-olds have finally been dropped by the government, as it responds to the findings of a group of experts.

  • Government fails to teach maths to children

    'One in five children can't do maths'

    One in five children has not grasped basic maths by the time they reach secondary school, damaging their chances in life, a report published today by a committee of MPs says.

  • No charges over Abrahams donation

    No charges over Abrahams donation

    The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will not pursue charges against the individuals connected to Labour donations from David Abrahams.

  • Alan Milburn, former health secretary

    Millburn comes out against Brown

    Gordon Brown need to urgently replace "monologue" with "dialogue" if he wants to retain power, former health secretary Alan Millburn has said.

  • Labour List is now in need of an editor

    Draper quits Labour List

    Derek Draper has quit his position as editor of LabourList, following the scandal over Damian McBride's emails.

  • Martin Salter is chair of the all-party Gurkha rights group

    Brown to sort out Gurkha 'bun-fight'

    Only Gordon Brown can resolve Gurkha tensions between the Home Office and the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Labour's leading campaigner on the issue has said.

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