Archive of 2 February 2009

London has been brought to a standstill by the weather

Westminster struggles on despite snow

Parliament is attempting to open despite some of the worst snowfall in the UK for twenty years.

  • Parliament votes on corruption

    Parliament votes on corruption

    MPs will vote on an opposition day motion today which seeks to reform parliament following the cash-for-amendments scandal and Derek Conway's breach of parliamentary standards.

  • The strike originally began in Lindsey refinery

    Wildcat strike spreads to Sellafield

    Workers at the Sellafield nuclear site have joined wildcat strikes about the use of foreign workers.

  • Many commuters are having to make their trips on foot

    Chaos for commuters

    People are being urged to only travel if absolutely necessary today after heavy snowfall saw the rail and road services in the south-east shudder to a halt.

  • Jack Straw looks to clean-up the House of Lords

    Emergency clean-up of the Lords underway

    An emergency 'clean-up' of the Lords is underway with Jack Straw, justice secretary, bringing forward new legislation to bring Lords regulation more into line with that of MPs.

  • Brian Haw continues his protest opposite parliament

    Protestor defies snow - and MPs

    As icy gusts blow snow across Parliament Square, long-time protestor Brian Haw is committed to continuing his demonstration - whatever the weather.

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