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Council pensions cost £4.5bn

Council pensions cost £4.5bn

A fifth of council tax, about £4.5 billion per year, is spent on local authority pensions a report revealed today.

  • Scientists - a prime minister's best friend

    Brown prefers scientists to bankers

    Virtuous scientists were contrasted with villainous bankers by the prime minister as he delivered the prestigious Romanes lecture at Oxford University this afternoon.

  • Union: Belfast will see Conservative Unionist candidates running

    Tories and Unionists join forces

    The Conservatives and the Ulster Unionists have announced they will join forces and field joint candidates in the forthcoming European and Westminster elections.

  • UK aided US in extraordinary rendition, Hutton admits

    UK aided US in rendition, Hutton admits

    UK armed forces should have been more suspicious when two suspected insurgents in Iraq handed over to US forces were taken to Afghanistan, defence secretary John Hutton has admitted.

  • Banned: Scots look to curb teen smoking

    Scotland to ban cigarette machines

    Scotland has laid out plans to ban cigarette displays in shops and the use of cigarette machines in a move announced today by Holyrood.

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