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Washington's decision has plunged the inteernational markets into turmoil

Brown urges Congress to 'show reason'

Gordon Brown has added his voice to calls from George Bush for Congress to approve a reshaped version of the White House's $700 billion (£388 billion) financial bailout package.

  • David Cameron seeks bipartisan approach

    Cameron calls for unity amid economic crisis

    Conservative party leader David Cameron today gave a surprise statement calling for the main political parties to work together amid the economic crisis gripping the world.

  • Time for a deal

    Analysis: Parties united

    There are strange things afoot in British politics. Suddenly, the main parties want to work together to get the country safely through the economic storm.

  • Cameron sought to appear statesman-like today

    Comment: Cameron shows his serious side

    Yesterday we had the grown up version of George Osborne. Today it was serious grown up Dave Cameron. He might have said he wasn't playing politics on this one but it certainly looked like it.

  • Clegg calls for party unity over economy

    Clegg calls for party unity over economy

    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has called on David Cameron and Gordon Brown to put aside their party allegiances and adopt a cross-party approach to the economic crisis.

  • Good news for Gordon Brown

    New poll reinforces 'Brown bounce'

    Gordon Brown's relatively successful Labour conference appears to have helped him in the polls, as Labour cuts the Conservatives' lead by seven points.

  • Tories promise council tax freeze

    Tories promise council tax freeze

    The Tories have promised a two year freeze in council tax if they achieve power, the shadow chancellor has said in his keynote speech to the party conference in Birmingham.

  • Gordon Brown prioritises "stability" as financial crisis continues

    PM seeks stability after B&B move

    Gordon Brown says he will work "night and day" to ensure the "security" and "stability" of the financial system.

  • Johnson has promised a GLA tax freeze for next year

    Johnson promises tax freeze

    Boris Johnson promised to freeze the council tax burden imposed by the Greater London Authority on Londoners next year in his first speech to the Conservative party conference as mayor of London.

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