Govt urged to put brakes on speeding

Give us a brake
Give us a brake

By Alex Stevenson

Ministers are being urged to consider new technology which forces drivers to stick within speed limits.

A working group of the Commission for Integrated Transport and the Motorists' Forum backs a device which uses satellite technology to automatically slow cars to the speed limit.

Its report claims the number of road accidents could be cut by nearly a third as a result and the government is now being urged to consider rolling out the scheme.

John Lewis, who chaired the working group, said modelling based on the responses of 80 drivers in 20 cars showed motorists changed their habits and behaviour.

"Particularly when they're in strange areas there's so much other stuff to concentrate on," he told the Today programme.

"They've found the ability to drive up to speed limit and concentrate on where they're going of great benefit to them."

Speaking on the same programme, Claire Armstrong of road safety charity Safe Speed warned the introduction of an automatic speed regulation system could make driving more dangerous.

"You've taken the responsibility away from the driver and that is not [good] for road safety," she said.

But Mr Lewis said he was recommending the device could be overridden by kicking down the accelerator or pressing a button.