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David Davis leads new drive against ID cards

Tories launch attack on ID cards

The Conservatives have today launched a major new offensive against ID cards, pledging to scrap the project if they win the next election.

  • Beckett called for a quick end to the inquiry

    Beckett urges resolution in friendly fire soldier death

    Foreign secretary Margaret Beckett has called for the inquest into the "friendly fire" death of a British soldier in Iraq to be completed as soon as possible, as a cockpit video of the attack was made public.

  • Tony Blair defends the trade off between civil liberties and law and order

    PM defends civil liberties trade-off

    The use of summary justice and DNA data are "difficult" because of their impact on civil liberties but they are the only way to solve crime, Tony Blair has declared.

  • Tony Blair hails UK's climate change record

    Blair hails 'green UK' but rejects heavy taxes

    Tony Blair has praised Britain's role as a global leader on climate change, but insisted he would not penalise people driving cars or taking cheap flights in a bid to save the planet.

  • CPS says no charges against headmaster Des Smith

    CPS says no charges in one honours arrest

    The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said there is "insufficient evidence" to bring charges against one of four people arrested in the cash-for-honours police investigation.

  • Government says all bird flu procedures were kept to

    Bird flu risk to public 'negligible'

    The risk to the public from the outbreak of the deadly H5N1 strain of avian bird flu in Suffolk is "negligible", environment secretary David Miliband has insisted.

  • Reforms published to 11 to 14 school curriculum

    School curriculum opened up

    Reforms to make the school curriculum for 11 to 14-year-olds more flexible and better tailored to pupils' needs have been published by the exams watchdog today.

  • Jon Cruddas is running for the Labour deputy leadership

    Cruddas: Blair must go

    Labour deputy leadership contender Jon Cruddas has said that "the time has come" for Tony Blair's departure from Downing Street.

  • Tony Blair tells Labour activists to concentrate on policies rather than storm of controversy

    Blair urges Labour to hold firm

    Tony Blair has today called on Labour supporters to remain calm and ride out the "storm" of the loans-for-peerages affair.

  • National Audit Office warns of risk of budget uncertainty

    Budget indecision 'threatens Olympics'

    The failure to agree a budget for the London 2012 Olympics could have a "detrimental impact" on the Games, the government's financial watchdog has warned.

  • UN report finds unequivocal evidence of global warming

    'Unequivocal' evidence of global warming

    The government has called for urgent international action to tackle climate change, after a new United Nations report found "unequivocal" evidence for global warming.

  • Gerry Adams meets Tony Blair to discuss police collusion

    Adams meets Blair over NI collusion

    Gerry Adams is today meeting Tony Blair at Downing Street to discuss collusion between British police and loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland.

  • Tony Blair questioned by police for a second time

    Police quiz Blair a second time

    Tony Blair has been questioned by police investigating the cash-for-honours affair for the second time, Downing Street revealed today.

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