Archive of 27 May 2005

Row over EU worker numbers

News that some 176,000 workers from eastern and central Europe entered Britain since the expansion of the EU last May has opened up another row about immigration.

  • Discipline problems mar city academy

    Flagship city academy lambasted

    One of the Government's flagship city academies has been put into special measures by school inspectorate Ofsted.


    Mardell goes to Europe

    In an effort to dispel criticism of its European coverage, the BBC has appointed chief political correspondent Mark Mardell to the new role of European editor.


    Blair hails agreement with Berlusconi

    Prime Minister Tony Blair said today that the British and Italian governments were in agreement "on all the key issues" as he completed the first stage of his whirlwind G8 diplomacy tour.


    BBC strike suspended

    Next week's 48-hour strike at the BBC has been suspended.


    Doctors seek kitchen knife ban

    Leading doctors have called for long and pointed kitchen knifes to be taken off the shelves to help prevent violent crime and deaths from stabbing.

  • Chirac pleads for 'yes' vote

    European project in doubt

    The future of the European Constitution is in doubt as the latest opinion polls suggest that the French are preparing to vote 'no'.


    Inner city schools losing teachers

    Inner city and challenging schools are disproportionably losing teachers according to a new Government funded study.


    Further set-back for Wembley

    There has been a further set-back to the building of the new Wembley Stadium after the resignation of the construction firm's chief executive.


    Electoral Commission backs EU question

    The Electoral Commission has given its backing to the wording of the UK's EU Constitution referendum question.


    Cancelled operations rise

    Opposition parties have seized on the news that the number of last minute operation cancellations increased by almost a quarter in the first three months of 2005.


    Galloway plans book

    George Galloway's upcoming book on his general election victory is set to include a chapter on his interrogation by a US senate committee on corruption allegations.


    Short's bill demands parliamentary backing for war

    Claire Short will be tabling a Private Member's Bill that would require a House of Commons' vote of approval for military action before the deployment of troops.

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