Archive of 5 December 2004

Mercer keen to make use of PMB opportunity

Tories back burglar defence Bill

The Conservative Party is backing a proposed Bill which would give householders more freedom to protect themselves against burglars.


    PM accused over 'climate of fear"

    A leading British Muslim has accused the Government of "creating a climate of fear" to justify the war on Iraq and tough new anti-terror legislation.


    Video games warning

    Violent computer games should carry clearer warnings to prevent parents buying them for their children says the Trade and Industry Secretary.

  • Tories focus on out-of-hours sport

    Tories promote sports tuition plans

    The Conservatives have revealed their pledge to offer every child two hours of free sports tuition a week in a bid to tackle obesity.

  • Tories come out against Blunkett

    Visa issue a resigning matter says Davis

    David Blunkett "must" resign if he is found to have abused his power in relation to the visa application of his ex-lover's nanny, Shadow Home Secretary David Davis today signaled .

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