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£7 million ad campaign to cut crime

£7 million ad campaign to cut crime

The Home Office has launched a £7 million advertising campaign in an attempt to cut robbery, burglary and car crime.

  • Labour tops poll despite Iraq effect

    Labour tops poll despite Iraq effect

    Only two in ten voters agree Britain's unflinching support for the Iraq war was "good" for Britain, according to new poll.


    TUC warning over job cuts

    Government plans to axe 71,000 civil service jobs will prove to be a 'false economy' and could obstruct public sector reforms, according to a TUC report published today.

  • Tories call for new approach to Europe

    Howard attacks EU Constitution

    Conservative Party leader Michael Howard today warned that the EU Constitution would be "a giant ball and chain round the ankle of British business".


    ASBOs reviewed

    The Government will today release an analysis of how successful its crackdown on anti-social behaviour has been.

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