Go slow threatens rugby celebrations

Go slow threatens rugby celebrations
Go slow threatens rugby celebrations

The victory parade for England's Rugby World Cup squad is likely to be marred by disruptions on London Underground next month.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) union is planning a 48-hour go-slow protest against inaction over safety worries.

Private firms were criticised last month for two derailments at Camden Town and between Barons Court and Hammersmith and the union is calling for maintenance work to be brought back into public control.

Tube drivers will drive at 25mph, as opposed to the usual 40 to 45mph.

The industrial action will start on December 8th, the day when rugby fans descend upon the capital to welcome their heroes home.

The RMT yesterday said it was also planning a week-long strike action in the run up to Christmas Eve and may take further action on New Year's Eve if an agreement on safety was not reached.

The union wants safety checks every 48 hours on the track.

Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, said: "We are hoping that the two days of action will make LU realise that our members feel very strongly about safety.

"We don't want to disrupt people's Christmas shopping, but we are not going to have an unsafe workplace.

"We have reluctantly been forced to take this action in the interests of safety in order to stop a major disaster of the type that has occurred when these same privateers were in charge of maintenance of the rail network."

Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat MP and London Mayoral candidate, said the go-slow tactic was yet another "kick in the teeth" for London.