Fatty foods linked to breast cancer

Fatty foods linked to breast cancer
Fatty foods linked to breast cancer

A study of thousands of women in Norfolk suggests there may be a link between unhealthy eating and breast cancer.

Tests on animals and the comparisons between countries with different average fat intakes have continuously suggested a link, but studies of human diet have until now found no link between the prevalence of cancer and the level of fat intake.

However, the recent results have been derived from a study in which participants were asked to keep comprehensive food diaries, whereas previous studies have been based on questionnaires.

Although it is widely documented that obese women are more likely to suffer from breast cancer, this report is the first to claim a direct link to specific foods.

The study found that it is twice as likely that women with high fat diets of over 90g of fat per day, will suffer from breast cancer than women on lower fat diets of less than 40g per day.

No specific food has been blamed for the link, though saturated fats such as those found in meat, butter and cake appear to have the greatest impact, though this does not amount to a call to avoid such foods.

The impact of diet on cancer may be somewhat less severe than other factors such as smoking and sun exposure, but it does add to the growing health problems faced by the UK as its population becomes more obese.