Newsletter update

We're making a few changes to the way the website operates. One of the main ones is to focus more of our resources on longer, thoroughly researched pieces. We'll still have quick-turnaround blogs and news stories of course, but with our focus on longer pieces, we've decided to power down the daily newsletter for the time being.

We know that for many of you the newsletter was part of your daily routine, and we’re really sorry if this is inconvenient. but we'll be focusing our resources on making sure we have ground-breaking stories for you on the site whenever you check in. We've migrated anyone recieveing the daily newsletter over to our new and improved weekly newsletter which will be sent out on a Friday lunchtime and will bring you all the pieces we wrote over the course of the week. You'll still be getting all our coverage straight to your inbox, it’ll just be coming once a week rather than once a day.

We haven' quite gotten round to updating the information on the newsletter sign-up section yet (sorry) but if you put your details for either politics@lunch or Pick of the Week, you'll get receive the Friday newsletter automatically. 

We’ll still be providing the incisive, independent, hard-hitting journalism you're used to, just at a slightly altered timetable.

Thanks for your understanding, and see you next Friday for the latest Politics @ Friday Lunch.

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