Crispin, the man behind Stand Up For Labour, has seen his big idea take off in a way he says he "never expected"

Review: Denis Healey sings at Stand Up For Labour

He occupies a place in Labour legend. He spoke at the 1945 Labour conference. In 2013 Denis Healey made his conference return - singing lewd songs at a stand-up event somewhere in a backstreet in Brighton.

  • Uncle Sam wants YOU... to attend the British Library's propaganda exhibition

    Review: Propaganda and Power, British Library

    As the British Library's new exhibition shows, when it comes to propaganda the ridiculous - and our own politics - are never far away.

  • The Gatekeepers

    Film review: The Gatekeepers

    A gripping and vital piece of filmaking which will change the way you look at the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

  • Lincoln is a flawed but respectable offering from Spielberg

    Review: Lincoln

    Steven Spielberg's labour of love to one of America's greatest presidents will be catnip to political geeks but is likely to bore mainstream audiences.

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