New dawn for Labour?

Ed Miliband is setting about the task of leading the Labour party, two days after being narrowly elected over his brother David as leader.

The Labour conference, meanwhile, is in full swing, though most of the media have been consumed with speculation over the future of the shadow foreign secretary.

He is said to be considering not standing for a cabinet role, or even quitting politics altogether.

The extremely close nature of the election, and particularly the reliance of Ed Miliband's victory on support from union members, has prompted predictable criticism from the Conservatives that the new leader is under the influence of trade unions and that Labour is internally divided.

Ed Miliband has dismissed such suggestions, firmly stating he is 'his own man', as he prepares for his leader's speech on Tuesday.

Nineteen shadow Cabinet positions are up for election, with all the leadership candidates, including backbencher Diane Abbott, expected to receive prominent roles.


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