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  • The attack brings US-Afghan relations to a new low.

    US marine's Afghan rampage

    Soldiers stationed in Afghanistan have been put on high alert, amid growing fury among Afghans over yesterday's rampage by a lone US marine.

  • University white paper

    Creating competition in the higher education system in England is a key part of the university white paper which will be set out later today.

  • Unionism vs. Austerity

    The TUC has gathered in Manchester for its annual conference, with the agenda dominated by unions' responses to the impending comprehensive spending review by the government.

  • Union anger over pensions announcement

    Unions are accusing the government of sabotaging negotiations over public sector pensions.

  • Unemployment increases

    The unemployment rate rose to 7.9 per cent in the three months leading to the end of December, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported today.

  • This figure brings unemployment in the UK to its highest levels since 1995 and the number claiming Jobseeker's Allowance to 1.6 million.

    Unemployment highest for 17 years

    Almost 2.7 million are now out of work, it has been announced today.

  • Unemployment

    Unemployment has risen by 49,000 in the last three months to the end of November, according to official figures.

  • UK's energy future

    UK's energy future

  • UK involvement in Libya

    David Cameron has committed to keep fighting in Libya until Colonel Gaddafi is removed from power.

  • UK growth plan

    Yesterday's 0.2% GDP growth figure has brought fresh calls for the government to develop a new plan for stimulating the economy.

  • UK growth figures

    Britain's GDP grew by just 0.2% in the second quarter, leading to fears that the economy will slide back into recession.

  • UK economy

    The economy surged ahead far better than expected in the second quarter of the year, growing by 1.1%.

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