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  • Syrian ambassador uninvited

    The Syrian ambassador has seen his invitation to the Royal Wedding revoked.

  • Supplying the troops

    The supply chain to British troops in Afghanistan is at "critical risk of failure", according to a Commons public accounts committee report.

  • Student visas

    Changes to the student visa regime are ill-advised, a committee of MPs has said.

  • Student satisfaction

    Question-marks over whether students are having a sufficiently good experience at university have been raised today.

  • Student protest: The aftermath

    As the dust settles on yesterday's violence at Tory HQ, the clean-up and recriminations begin.

  • Student immigration

    The immigration minister, Damian Green has positioned himself to limit the number of student visas being issued to non-EU migrants to the UK, outlining the government's stance in a speech on Monday.

  • Student fees

    Student fees

  • Strikes going ahead

    Strikes over public sector pensions are set to go ahead tomorrow despite yesterday's last ditch effort from David Cameron to dissuade workers.

  • Strikes at the BBC

    Members of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) have gone on strike today at the BBC, causing disruption to many news programmes.

  • Strategic Defence and Security Review

    The country's first strategic defence review for over ten years is in danger of being rushed, according the commons defence committee.

  • Strategic Defence and Security Review

    The national security council meets today to discuss the options for the strategic defence and security review (SDSR) - the first concerted attempt to define Britain's military role for 12 years.

  • St Paul's occupation

    St Paul's occupation

    St Paul's has been the centre of a traumatic debate over the Church's political character in recent weeks.

  • Spending review anniversary

    One year on from the comprehensive spending review where the government slashed departmental budgets, critics have accused the government of stalling Britain's economy.

  • Special Educational Needs

    A report by Ofsted, the education watchdog, has argued that up to a quarter of those children determined to have special needs simply require better teaching.

  • The incident took place in the Helmand province of southern Afghanistan

    Six British soldiers dead in Afghanistan

    Six British soldiers serving in Afghanistan are missing and believed to be dead, the Ministry of Defence has announced.

  • Sir Terry Pratchett film on assisted suicide

    A controversial BBC film on assisted suicide broadcast last night showed the death of a British man with motor neurone disease at Dignitas in Switzerland.

  • Sir Paul Stephenson resignation

    Sir Paul Stephenson resigned as Metropolitan police commissioner last night following increasing pressure over his links to the phone-hacking scandal.

  • Shrinking economy

    The British economy took a step backwards in a shock report which saw a 0.5% contraction in the last quarter of 2010.

  • Should prisoners have the right to vote?

    The government has submitted to a European ruling which branded the ban on prisoner votes a breach of human rights.

  • Shapps: Time to end town hall Pravdas

    Local government minister Grant Shapps responds to the communities and local government committee's report on local authority publicity:

  • Shadow Cabinet elections

    The battles lines for election to the shadow Cabinet have been drawn, with 19 spots up for grabs and 49 contenders seeking a front bench role.

  • Sex work ads ban

    The government has banned adverts for lap-dancers, webcam performers and strippers from job centres.

  • Sexualisation of children

    David Cameron has welcomed the conclusions of a review into the commercialisation and sexualisation of children.

  • Sexualisation of children

    New measures to stop children being exposed too early to commercialisation and sexualisation could arise from a review beginning today.

  • Sentencing discounts dropped

    Ken Clarke's sentencing proposals which would have seen prisoners who plead guilty at the earliest stage given 50% sentence reductions have been dropped.

  • SDSR cuts

    Government plans to scrap the Harrier jump jets and aircraft carrier the Ark Royal came under fire as former Army and Navy chiefs wrote a letter to the prime minister criticising the plans.

  • Schools sports partnerships

    A government u-turn on funding for school sports will see some of the £162 million programme temporarily saved, Michael Gove announced today.

  • Sara Payne phone hack

    Disgraced and disbanded tabloid the News of the World took another blow yesterday when it was revealed that it had hacked the phone of Sarah Payne's mother.

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