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  • North-South divide

    The traditional divide between northern and southern England will be highlighted dramatically by the government's round of spending cuts, according to research by Experian.

  • Non-violent extremism

    David Cameron is set to win the battle for a tougher stance on Islamist extremism following a lengthy Cabinet feud.

  • Nick Clegg's multiculturalism speech

    Nick Clegg outlined his vision for an "open, confident Britain", where liberal values compete with and defeat extremist arguments, in a speech yesterday.

  • NHS savings

    The shake-up of the NHS will put the health service's £20 billion efficiency drive at risk, according to a report.

  • NHS savings

    MPs have today cast doubt on the government's insistence that dramatic efficiency savings in NHS spending are achievable.

  • NHS reforms on hold

    NHS reforms have been put on pause, health secretary Andrew Lansley has said.

  • NHS reforms

    Plans to shake up the NHS are attracting controversy as MPs debate the proposals for the first time.

  • NHS reform row

    David Cameron's claim that he has the "support" of doctors and nurses on NHS reform has sparked a fresh row over the issue.

  • NHS reform fallout

    The healthcare sector is currently in the process of taking in the concessions made by the government to the health and social care bill.

  • NHS reform concessions offered by PM

    David Cameron has made a series of concessions to the coalition's NHS reform plans.

  • The amendments would address fears of "privatisating" the NHS

    NHS reform amendments

    The government's controversial health and social care bill came under even more scrutiny today as Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords requested sweeping changes to the legislation.

  • NHS reform

    NHS reform

  • NHS job losses

    The NHS is set to lose over 50,000 jobs over the next five years, despite government promises to ring-fence the service.

  • NHS future

    Health secretary Andrew Lansley has confirmed the coalition government's plans for the future of the NHS.

  • NHS

    Health secretary Andrew Lansley has received an overwhelming vote of no confidence at the Royal College of Nursing annual conference.

  • News of the World closure

    The Murdoch dynasty's decision to close the News of the World (NOTW) has sent shockwaves through the journalism industry.

  • New dawn for Labour?

    Ed Miliband is setting about the task of leading the Labour party, two days after being narrowly elected over his brother David as leader.

  • Nazi AV row

    Tensions within the coalition are escalating after Liberal Democrat energy secretary Chris Huhne compared Tory chair Baroness Warsi to Nazi propaganda chief Josef Goebbels.

  • NATO in Libya

    NATO military operations in Libya will continue as long as "a threat remains to civilian life" according to reports of a conference call between presidents Obama and Sarkosy, chancellor Merkel and prime minister David Cameron.

  • National service

    National service

  • National security strategy

    The government has today released its appraisal of the threats Britain faces to its security.

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