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  • London riots

    Looting and disorder spread through London last night following Saturday evening's riots in Tottenham.

  • Localism bill

    Councils will be granted new freedoms and powers under plans announced today - but are expected to make dramatic cuts in spending.

  • Local authority publicity

    MPs are clashing with the government over proposals to curb councils' freedom to publish literature.

  • Libyan rescue missions

    A number of military missions took place this weekend to rescue British citizens stranded in the Libyan desert.

  • Libyan no-fly zone

    The UN will use "all necessary measures" to protect civilians in Libya, short of invasion, after a security council resolution was passed last night.

  • Libya debate

    MPs spent several hours debating the mission in Libya last night, before voting overwhelmingly to back it.

  • Libya conference

    Libya's new interim leaders have pledged to rebuild their country and ensure it is a place of tolerance and respect for the rule of law.

  • Lib Dem stings

    New recorded conversations with Lib Dem ministers have revealed private concerns about coalition policy.

  • Lib Dem Conference begins

    The Liberal Democrats have gathered in Liverpool for their annual conference, amidst delight at returning to power and rumblings of discontent over the coalition with the Conservatives.

  • Liam Fox report

    Liam Fox is expected to address the Commons following the damning report into his dealings with his close friend Adam Werritty.

  • Liam Fox crisis deepens

    The prime minister will examine Liam Fox's business dealings with Adam Werrity in an interim report published today.

  • Legal aid cuts

    Trouble is once again brewing for Ken Clarke after he announced legal aid cuts of £350 million.

  • Labour leadership

    David and Ed Miliband's courteous rivalry appears to have broken out into full-blown fight for the Labour leadership.

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