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  • Growth downgrade

    Economic growth downgrade prompts recession fears

  • Austerity measures face strong opposition

    Greek bailouts

    Eurozone finance ministers have agreed on a second bailout for the Greek economy, promising loans worth more than 130 billion euros.

  • Great power Britain?

    David Cameron has delivered his defence of Britain's prominent role in the world, but was accused by the opposition of being a 'bystander' in world affairs.

  • Issue of the day: Granny tax

    Granny tax

    The government is being accused of inserting a stealth tax on the elderly in the 2012 Budget.

  • Graduate tax

    Vince Cable has laid out the future of higher education, proposing a graduate tax to solve the problem of university funding.

  • Gove's mistake

    Michael Gove faces the "cold fury" of MPs after mistakes emerged on the list of school building projects he published.

  • Government policy review over riots

    David Cameron has announced a major review of all government policies in an attempt to deal with what he calls Britain's "broken society".

  • Government housing plans

    Government housing plans

  • Gordon Brown's News International allegations

    Gordon Brown has accused News International of having links with the "criminal underworld".

  • Gloomy IMF growth forecast

    The UK's growth forecast has been cut for the third time in nine months by the International Monetary Fund, sparking concerns over economic recovery.

  • Badly received: Polling suggests the public were unimpressed with Budget 2012

    George Osborne's Budget 2012

    George Osborne's Budget for 2012 was met by a largely negative reception from the press and members of the public.

  • GCSE Results 2010

    Approximately 750,000 students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland await their GCSE results this Thursday, amid growing pressure on jobs for school leavers.

  • GCSE results

    Almost one in four GCSE papers were awarded A or A* in results published today, up from last year.

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