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  • Extra money for childcare

    Extra money towards the costs of childcare will be available for the first time for parents who work 16 hours a week or less, the government announced today.

  • Eurozone summit deal

    Further financial turmoil was averted last night when eurozone leaders finally reached agreement on new rescue packages which effectively halved Greek debt and built up the bailout fund.

  • Eurozone debt crisis

    Eurozone leaders are to hold a crunch meeting today to discuss the Greek debt crisis and prevent the problem spreading to other eurozone economies.

  • Eurozone crisis

    The eurozone crisis rumbles on despite a pledge of support for Greece from Germany and France.

  • European Budget

    The European Commission's proposal to increase its budget by 4.9% has been met with derision by member states.

  • EU Council

    Debate over North African migration into southern Europe is dominating today's EU council meeting.

  • Equality Act

    New measures designed to tackle discrimination in pay and conditions came into force today.

  • England's failed World Cup bid

    After the shock of England losing out to Russia to host the 2018 World Cup, anger at Fifa continues to mount.

  • Energy price rises

    British Gas announced on Friday that gas and electricity prices are to rise by an average of 18% from mid August.

  • Employment law

    Employees in the UK could be sacked for laziness or lack of productivity, if new proposals suggested in a leaked report are taken up by the government.

  • Emergency surgery care risk

    Poor care and delays are putting the lives of thousands of non-cardiac NHS emergency surgery patients in danger, leading surgeons say.

  • Electoral Reform

    The government's electoral reform programme has overcome its first major hurdle.

  • Elected police commissioners defeat

    The Lords have handed a setback to coalition plans to introduce elected police commissioners.

  • Elected police commissioners

    Police forces could find themselves under the control of elected police commissioners as early as 2012.

  • Education funding

    Schools in Britain will see their budgets slashed by as much as 14% over the next four years in the biggest cuts to education seen since the 1950s, tax and spending experts warn.

  • Ed Miliband speech: The aftermath

    Ed Miliband gave his first big speech as leader of the Labour party yesterday.

  • Ed Miliband anti-business storm

    Ed Miliband has kicked off a war of words with the business world following his hostile speech at the Labour party conference yesterday.

  • Economist 50p tax scrap call

    Twenty leading economists have called for the 50p tax rate to be scrapped in a letter to the Financial Times.

  • Economic recovery

    Britain is a facing a "choppy" economic recovery which will take longer than previously anticipated.

  • Economic recovery?

    The UK's GDP growth figures were released today, with the 0.8% figure between July and September better than most analysts expected.

  • Economic malaise

    The UK's fraught economic recovery faces fresh strain after unions threatened strike action over public sector pensions.

  • Economic malaise

    Economic malaise

    Another quarter of disappointing GDP figures has sent the economy to the top of the agenda this week.

  • Easter AV tensions

    The coalition government is under increasing pressure as the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats exchange accusations of misconduct in the alternative vote campaign.

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