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  • Crunch time: Tuition fees vote

    MPs have voted this afternoon to pass perhaps the most controversial legislation so far in this parliament.

  • Issue of the day: Crisis in the eurozone

    Crisis in the eurozone

    Clamour over the eurozone sovereign debt crisis showed no sign of abating on Friday as Italy prepares to pass new austerity measures to prevent a Greece-style bailout.

  • Crime statistics

    Crime statistics

  • Crime maps

    The Home Office has launched a crime map initiative, allowing residents to see offences which took place in their area.

  • Credit easing

    Credit easing

    Small businesses will receive £20 billion of government guarantees to allow them to borrow at a much lower rate, it has been announced today.

  • Counter-terrorism review

    The government has launched its review into Britain's counter-terrorism laws, providing what activists are calling a "once in a generation" opportunity to restore Britain's civil liberties.

  • Council tax freeze

    Council tax will be frozen for another year, George Osborne has announced.

  • Council tax

    The government announced today that there would be no re-valuation of council tax bands in England in the life of this parliament.

  • Councillors attack cuts

    A group of more than 90 Liberal Democrat councillors have written a letter to the Times criticising the scale and speed of the government's cuts.

  • Council back-office savings

    A new report doubts whether efficiency savings will be able to cover the full extent of the government's spending cuts.

  • Coulson News International payments

    The Conservative party is scrambling to defend itself following the disclosure that Andy Coulson received six-figure payments from News International (NI) whilst at Conservative party HQ.

  • Control orders

    The government's long awaited review of counter-terrorism legislation is published today.

  • Comprehensive spending review reactions

    Organisations have digested the government's gargantuan programme of spending cuts and issued their responses today.

  • Coalition's immigration split

    Tensions within the coalition over immigration have dramatically bubbled to the surface.

  • Coalition division on public sector pensions

    Public sector pensions reforms are "inappropriate", according to a leaked letter written by health secretary Andrew Lansley.

  • Coalition discontent

    Further statements indicating the unhappiness of some Lib Dems with elements of the coalition have raised debate over its unity.

  • Clegg takes on the IFS

    Nick Clegg has declared a war of words with the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), which declared the spending review was regressive.

  • Civil service redundancy

    The government's plans to scale back the terms of civil service redundancies met a snag today, with the biggest of the unions involved refusing to back down in the dispute.

  • Chris Huhne energy company attack

    Confrontation is brewing between the government and the big six energy companies after a combative Chris Huhne speech.

  • Chinese premier visit

    Improving trade relations is the focus of a visit by the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao, much to the dissatisfaction of human rights groups.

  • The government remains committed to making higher earning families pay more

    Child tax credit

    The deputy prime minister today confirmed that the government plans to rethink its child benefit reform.

  • Child Poverty

    Thousands of families will be pushed below the poverty line by the radical changes to the benefits system, according to a report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

  • Child detention

    Children of failed asylum seekers awaiting deportation will no longer be detained, Nick Clegg confirmed today.

  • Child benefit cuts

    Parents earning over £44,000 will see their child benefit payments scrapped, George Osborne confirmed today.

  • Charity cuts

    More than 2,000 charities face deep cuts and many have lost funding altogether in a severe blow to David Cameron's 'big society' agenda.

  • Changing of the tsars: Government and enterprise

    The government today appointed David Young as enterprise tsar, to begin a review into how policy can remove barriers for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • Census launch

    The government will launch the 2011 census today, with an advertising campaign to raise awareness of the nationwide survey.

  • Care of the elderly

    Elderly patients neglected and mistreated in hospitals across England

  • Care for older people inquiry

    Older people are receiving such poor homecare that their human rights are being ignored.

  • Carbon budgets Cabinet split

    Ministers are showing signs of a full-scale Cabinet split over the pace at which Britain cuts its carbon emissions.

  • Carbon budgets

    The government has laid out its long-term plans for cutting carbon emissions - but has given itself a significant get-out clause in doing so.

  • Cameron vs. Miliband: Business and government

    David Cameron and Ed Miliband are setting out their economic stalls to business leaders today, in speeches to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

  • Cameron vs Miliband

    Ed Miliband got his first taste of prime minister's questions today, as he faced off against David Cameron.

  • Cameron's EU balancing act

    The prime minister has secured a limit on the EU's budget increase, after a delicate balancing act in the face of diplomatic pressure from abroad and domestic anger from his own backbenches.

  • Cameron on multiculturalism

    Prime minister David Cameron's speech on multiculturalism has prompted a hailstorm of controversy.

  • Cameron meets Obama

    Cameron meets Obama

    David Cameron and Barack Obama have reaffirmed the close ties between the United States and Great Britain as Cameron's three day visit to the US begins today.

  • Cameron in Brussels

    The prime minister has pushed his fellow EU heads of government to commit to protect Britain from the need to contribute to new Eurozone bailout funds.

  • Cameron hosts Bahrain

    David Cameron has been criticised for hosting Bahrain's crown prince, as human rights activists criticise him for a violent crackdown at home.

  • Cameron faces Commons

    David Cameron has flown back from Africa to address MPs about the phone-hacking scandal.

  • Cameron and Sarkozy: Keep no-fly zone on the table

    Prime minister David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy wrote a joint letter to the European Council's president, supporting tougher action against Libya. The letter said:

  • Cable's 'nuclear option': The fallout

    Vince Cable has landed the government in hot water after a sting operation saw him claiming he could 'bring down the government' if pushed over policy differences with the Conservatives.

  • Cable on capitalism

    The business secretary Vince Cable is delivering a stinging speech on the last day of the Lib Dem conference, targeting banks, tax avoiders and the previous Labour government.

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