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  • The scene of the crash near Chalons-en-Champagne overnight

    Bus crash in France

    A coach carrying British school children and their supervisors crashed near Reims Sunday morning, killing a teacher and leaving a teenage girl in a critical condition in hospital.

  • Burkha ban

    A burkha ban has been ruled out in the UK by the immigration minister, who branded it "un-British".

  • Issue of the day: Buildup before eurocrisis talks

    Buildup before eurocrisis talks

    Senior Conservative figures are continuing to offer contrary views on Britain's relationship with the European Union.

  • Building Schools for the Future

    The government's controversial decision to scrap the Building Schools for the Future programme returned to the spotlight today, as three councils began legal action.

  • House-building: A way out of recession?

    Building scheme

    David Cameron and Nick Clegg are launching their much-vaunted house building scheme with a July timetable for work to start on thousands of new buildings.

  • Budget 2012

    Budget 2012

    The chancellor has announced the details of the 2012 Budget.

  • Budget

    Chancellor George Osborne will lay out his plans for the economy in the Budget today.

  • BSkyB takeover

    The consultation on Rupert Murdoch's bid to takeover BSkyB comes to a close today.

  • BSkyB motion

    Government ministers are set to back a Labour motion calling on Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation to drop its bid for broadcaster BSkyB.

  • BSkyB bid

    Rupert Murdoch's bid for total control of BSkyB was dramatically dropped yesterday by News International.

  • Browne report

    Lord Browne's report on higher education funding sees its release today.

  • A woman files a job application. High unemployment rates reveal continued economic uncertainty.

    Broken Britain? Unemployment skyrockets

    The overall number of unemployed people in Britain has hit a 17-year peak.

  • Issue of the day: Broken Britain's broken families

    Broken Britain's broken families

    An ambitious scheme to tackle Britain's broken families is at the heart of the government's response to this year's riots.

  • Out of work: Jobless figures, especially among young people, keep soaring.

    British unemployment

    New UK unemployment figures reveal a 128,000 rise in the number of people out of work in the three months to October.

  • British response to debt crisis

    World economic mire continues to dominate the political agenda as Europe struggles to deal with the Greek debt crisis.

  • No change here: All three parties have snubbed funding reform

    British political party funding

    Attempts to remove 'big money' from British party politics looks set to be defeated, after all three main parties turned up their noses up at the plans.

  • Mary Portas drew up the report on the High Street

    British High Street

    Mary Portas has published her official report into saving the British High Street, highlighting local planning laws and parking fees as areas of concern.

  • high speed rail is a major source of upset to rural campaigners

    Britain's new rail line

    Plans are going ahead for a new high speed rail line despite the protests of opponents.

  • Britain's fisheries at risk

    Fishermen's livelihoods are at risk from "slipper skippers" and organisations selling fishing quota as a commodity.

  • Issue of the day: Britain's euro treaty veto

    Britain's euro treaty veto

    The significance of David Cameron's refusal to sign Britain up to a European deal to save the eurozone is slowly sinking in, both on the continent and in Westminster.

  • Britain's economic future

    The release of an IMF report, Tony Blair's memoirs and comments made by Alistair Darling have thrust economic policy into the spotlight, as the comprehensive spending review starts to loom large in the agenda of the government.

  • Britain in 2011: Part two

    The prime minister has joined other leading figures from politics making their predictions for the next year.

  • The Lawrence family gather outside the court yesterday.

    Britain and racism: Stephen Lawrence

    Two men have been convicted of the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence, whose death in 1993 sent shockwaves across Britain.

  • Issue of the day: Bringing the work programme down to size

    Bringing the work programme down to size

    Independent auditors have questioned the government's assessment of the impact of its work programme.

  • Breast cancer

    Breast cancer

  • BRC: Retailers don't ditch ethics

  • Issue of the day: Branson buys Northern Rock

    Branson buys Northern Rock

    Virgin Money's purchase of Northern Rock from the Treasury comes at a loss for taxpayers.

  • Issue of the day: Brakes on motor insurance costs

    Brakes on motor insurance costs

    MPs are calling for action to be taken to tackle the high costs of motor insurance.

  • Boundary changes

    Many high profile MPs face a battle for electoral survival after the boundary review revealed sweeping changes to England's parliamentary constituencies.

  • Issue of the day: Border controls relaxed

    Border controls relaxed

    A decision to relax passport checks at Britain's borders this summer is attracting criticism.

  • Bank bonuses: No longer publicly acceptable?

    Bonus culture

    RBS chief executive Stephen Hester has given up on his bonus, amid a growing public outcry.

  • Bonfire of the quangos

    A committee of MPs has attacked the government's much-heralded 'bonfire of the quangos', saying it failed to save money or improve accountability.

  • Bonfire of the Quangos

    Hundreds of arms-length non-governmental organisations will discover their fate under the new government today.

  • Dark times: Could the UK be back in recession?

    Blue Monday

    The day touted as the most depressing of the year has seen economic analysts predict a return to recession for the UK.

  • Bleak economic outlook

    Coming up with a coherent political narrative for dealing with the economy is proving tricky for our leading politicians.

  • Issue of the day: Birthday blues for NHS reforms

    Birthday blues for NHS reforms

    One year after the health and social care bill was laid before parliament, the coalition's NHS reforms continue to face bitter opposition from health workers.

  • Bias and the BBC

    The status of the BBC came to the fore today, with the visit of its director general to Downing Street to discuss political coverage.

  • Graduates - set to fall in numbers

    Better future? Uni applications down

    The first evidence has emerged of a drop in university applications following the increase in tuition fees.

  • The policy is the brainchild of Iain Duncan Smith

    Benefits cap

    Plans which would cap the benefits a family can receive at the level of average income face a tight vote in the Lords later.

  • Benefits and mental health

    The impact of benefit changes to those with poor mental health are being highlighted today.

  • A sign directs people to the Leveson Inquiry from The Royal Courts of Justice this morning

    Beginning of Leveson inquiry

    The Leveson inquiry into media practices has today begun at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

  • Battle for Tripoli

    Rebels have seized much of the Libyan capital Tripoli as pressure grows on embattled leader Col Muammar Gaddafi.

  • Barclays bonus controversy

    Barclays bonuses

    Barclays has reported a three per cent fall in profits to £5.9 billion for last year.

  • England will play Spain without an embroidered poppy on their shirts.

    Ban on poppies

    Fifa is refusing to budge on England players wearing a poppy during football matches this weekend.

  • Banks tax

    A financial activity tax on Britain's banks targeting profits and remuneration is being considered by Treasury minister Mark Hoban.

  • Bank profits

    The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has returned to profit, making £1.14 billion in the first half of the year compared to £15 million during the same period last year.

  • Bank levy increase

    Chancellor George Osborne has announced an increase in the levy on bank profits that will raise an extra £800 million this year.

  • Banking report

    Retail banking services should be ringfenced within banks, the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) has said

  • Issue of the day: Banking reforms backed by govt

    Banking reforms backed by govt

    The coalition's decision to endorse reforms of the banking sector are highlighting the relationship between politicians and the City once again.

  • Banking reform

    Vince Cable has said the coalition will push ahead with banking reforms despite opposition to the speed of changes.

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