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"For outsiders to see Scotland as their pain-free lab for radical economic experiments is no less contemptuous than the braying barons of Westminster"

The English left should stay out of the Scottish independence debate

The left-wing activists pinning their hopes on Indyref2 need to find another battle.

  • "Applying a game theory approach is actually quite insightful since it provides a logical way of picking through the various claims and counter-claims of those in favour of and against leaving"

    The Game Theory of Brexit

    A classic economic game offers a hint of what Britain's chances are in the negotiations to come.

  • "Dredd has gone from a noble, even heroic, guardian who maintains that all are equal beneath the totalitarian boot-heel of the law, to the upholder of a brutalising authoritarian system."

    The politics of Judge Dredd

    As the future lawman celebrates 40 years of publication, we look at the politics of a British comics legend and how he predicted the rise of Donald Trump

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