The Political Week on Twitter: Assange special

Twitter gets fighty over the Assange debacle.
Twitter gets fighty over the Assange debacle.
Ian Dunt By

The Assange row is the stuff that Twitter storms are made of and it hasn't let up all week.

@DuncanStott - Shooting George Galloway in the face - not murder, just 'bad gun etiquette'.

@ShippersUnbound - Loving George Galloway's attempt to out-vile Assange... 'No I'm the biggest tool on the left. Get me a TV camera. Me, me, me, me, me, me...'

@PlatoSays - Julian Assange threatens to make the EU look good

‏@jayrayner1 - George Galloway on why the charges against Assange aint rape: 'Not everybody needs to be asked prior to each insertion.' Well I bloody do.

@LFFKatie - In politics, all my least favourite people are called George

@wallaceme - I'll give a tenner to anyone who pushes the fire alarm in the Ecuadorian embassy.

@stevenradams - "@georgegalloway: Did you know she had several dates withAssange AFTER the alleged "rape" You useful idiots!" Dear Lord. Somebody stop him.

@jamesrbuk - BTW, around 100 people a month are extradited from the UK on European Arrest Warrants. So around 2,000 have gone during theAssange case.

@lexingtondymock - I don't think I can deal with any more Assange or rape stuff this week, tweeters. Maybe I'll start talking about bunny rabbits or something.

@helenlewis - Google the name of one of the Assange accusers & you see a pic calling her "Slut of The Year". And people ask why anonymity is important.

@JeromeTaylor - Nice little factoid. Ecuador embassy officials had to go to ambassador's house to pick up an air mattress the day JulianAssange turned up

@Heresy_Corner - I can imagine Julian Assange becoming a tourist attraction, like Garbo in her declining years.


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