The Political Week on Twitter: Mensch beats the Olympics

Was it something I Menshned? The Tory MP's departure triggers a Twitter storm.
Was it something I Menshned? The Tory MP's departure triggers a Twitter storm.
Ian Dunt By

Olympic fever

Boris Johnson continues to benefit from the success of London 2012 while David Cameron lands in hot water for dismissing 'Indian dancing'.

@PippaCrerar: Brazilian TV tells Boris that Rio Mayor said he's nervous about flag handover: "I'm afraid of Boris cos he's going to do something crazy".

@innocentdrinks: Sorry, turns out our last #SpottedBoris wasn't Boris at all. It was a tramp.

@ChrisBryantMP: As for the rumours that Boris would go for the very marginal seat of corby - an inverted pyramid of piffle !

@iainmartin1: Re school sports. Why has Cameron attacked "Indian dancing"? What is he trying to do? What are his comms people thinking?#brewery #pissup

@sunny_hundal: Just saw Cameron's "Indian dancing" comment. Seriously? Bhangra is about the most energetic and tiring dance there is, bar none.

@DuncanOleary: Questions i'm sure the PM is looking forward to answering (1) Why 'Indian' dancing, (2) Dancing isn't a sport? (3) Which schools exactly?

‏@His_Grace: If Indian dancing 'isn't really sport', why is Horse Dressage in the Olympics?

@JohnRentoul: Indian dancing. Another example of Cameron's failure to prepare for the most obvious questions telegraph

Nick Clegg's Lords reform revenge

Clegg delivered a press conference confirming he would order Lib Dem MPs to oppose the boundaries review in revenge for the Tory rebellion over Lords reform.

@GusTheFox: Apparently Nick Clegg spends about 4 or 5 hours a day breastfeeding dogs. That's what I heard through the grapevine anyway. Bit weird innit?

@Number10cat: David Cameron and Nick Clegg have just changed their Facebook relationship status to "It's complicated"..

@iainmartin1: Clegg has now officially joined the Muppets: "Most people don't care about House of Lords reform". Says man who made HoL reform a priority

@steve_vr: Nick Clegg wins the 1000m backpedal

@MirrorJames: +++++ BREAKING ++++++ Nick Clegg secures magic beans from David Cameron in return for scrapping Lords reform

Mensch departs

Louise Mensch announces she is resigning as an MP to live in New York with her family.

@alexhilton: David Cameron should be applauded for letting Louise Mensch work in Westminster 3 days a week so she can spend more time with Question Time

@frankieboyle: Louise Mensch is moving to the US. Great to see after all their negative press recently that trolls can achieve something positive.

@Redpeter99: Louise Mensch has left politics to return to her first love. LouiseMensch.

@RichNeville: We’ll never know how hard Mensch has found it to juggle family & parliamentary life, until she tells us via her social networking business.

@TiernanDouieb: Apparently, citizens of Corby say that they hadn't even noticed they'd had an MP so this is all a surprise to them. #Mensch




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