The Twitter List: The Ten Worst MPs on Twitter

The Twitter List: the worst MPs on Twitter
The Twitter List: the worst MPs on Twitter
Ian Dunt By's semi-regular survey on the ten worst MPs on Twitter is back. Before we start abusing people, let's admit things have improved. Reading the tweets of 90% of MPs is still akin to a slow mental suicide, but there is a gradual upward trajectory. Very few parliamentarians are still using automated services and you can tell that more and more of them have stopped asking their researchers to write their tweets for them. Nevetheless, the old problems remain: MPs are peculiarly liable to assume their activities are interesting merely by virtue of the fact they are doing them. They are also very slow to pick up on one of the central rules of writing: show, don't tell. The interminable lists of local activities and Westminster Hall debates will drive even the most generous of followers to despair.

As usual, we score MPs out of 30 points:

Ten points for being entertaining
Ten points for being informative
Five points for engaging with their constituency
Five points for regularity

Click here to see who came 10th


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