The Twitter List: The Ten Best MPs on Twitter

The Twitter List: Which MPs came out on top?
The Twitter List: Which MPs came out on top?
Ian Dunt By's semi-regular survey on the ten best MPs on Twitter is back and we're happy to note that things have improved. The best (and the worst) MPs on Twitter have become steadily better. More and more MPs are communicating with an authentic voice, original content and a commitment to the medium. If there's any disappointment, it's that we're still not seeing anything game-changing from our representatives. It would be encouraging to see MPs crowd-sourcing information for speeches or to experiment with new ways of engaging with followers. But with the leading MPs on Twitter showing others how it's done, we're only expecting things to improve.

As usual, we score MPs out of 30 points:

Ten points for being entertaining
Ten points for being informative
Five points for engaging with their constituency
Five points for regularity

Click here to see who came 10th


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