Political Week on Twitter: Diamond Jubilee special

Diamond Jubilee, Sayeeda Warsi and eurozone troubles
Diamond Jubilee, Sayeeda Warsi and eurozone troubles
Alex Stevenson By

A right royal long weekend, trouble for Sayeeda Warsi and Cameron on the continent have roused the interest of the twitterati this week.

It's not really been a week for working, has it, but the Diamond Jubilee didn't stop the Twittersphere from going about its usual business. Actually, there were lots of different aspects of the weekend to remark upon - whether seriously or not...

This has also been a week of bad news for the Tory party co-chair, Sayeeda Warsi, who now faces not one but two separate investigations into her conduct. The legacy of the expenses claims scandal lives on, but not all on Twitter were impressed by the strength of the allegations laid against her.

Arguably more potent was David Cameron's handling of the situation. It did not escape anyone's notice that his willingness to refer Warsi to the independent adviser on ministerial behaviour was at odds with his refusal to do the same with culture secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Having spent the weekend boosting the mood of the country at the expense of its GDP with a double bank holiday celebrating the Queen, Cameron headed off to the continent to address the ongoing eurozone crisis. The situation looks as bleak as ever. Have a nice weekend!


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