The Political Week on Twitter: May 7th - 11th

The Political Week on Twitter: Coalition relaunch, Queen's Speech and LOL DC
The Political Week on Twitter: Coalition relaunch, Queen's Speech and LOL DC
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It's been one of the busier weeks in politics, and the Twitterati has not been holding back. Here's our pick of the best tweets from the week the coalition rallied from an elections bashing with Cameron and Clegg's relaunch and a new legislative agenda.

Trouble brewing over the long weekend

After the bruising local election results Conservative MPs, whose party had suffered its worst night for 15 years, were not in a particularly happy mood, triggering stories that the Queen's Speech would shift dramatically to the right...

The coalition relaunch

A blue and yellow tractor factory provided the venue for David Cameron and Nick Clegg's coalition 'relaunch' event, where they turned over a new leaf by agreeing to carry on exactly as they had before.

The Queen's Speech

Amid all the pomp and circumstance of the state opening of parliament came the politics: a series of bills focusing on the economy, justice and constitutional reform, to quote Her Majesty. Reactions were, as usual, varied...

Lords reform

The coalition might have wanted a focus on economic issues and criminal justice reforms, but the Queen's Speech was overshadowed by proposals to reform the House of Lords. Tory MPs weren't keen on the idea...

... prompting speculation that a deal might be made allowing the coalition to abandon the measure in return for reversing other changes. Meanwhile, the debate began as the legislative process got underway.


The week was supposed to end with dramatic headlines from the Leveson inquiry, as Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks - both former editors of the News of the World, and both resignation scalps from the phone-hacking scandal. But when Brooks revealed that David Cameron had signed off his texts to her with 'LOL DC' - meaning lots of love, David Cameron - Twitter had a field day. Here's a few brief highlights below...


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