Royal British Legion: Historic breakthrough for soldiers

Chris Simpkins, director general of the Royal British Legion, comments on news that the military covenant is to be enshrined in law:

"For the first time, armed forces personnel and their families will see the principles of fair treatment there on the statute book.

"Fairness for our brave armed forces can now be put to parliamentary scrutiny - an historic breakthrough that will benefit all those in service and their families for generations to come.

"The Legion has campaigned vigorously for this and we applaud Mr Cameron for putting the Covenant principles in the heart of the new armed forces bill, thereby fulfilling his promise made on HMS Ark Royal in June 2010 to write the covenant into law."

"We are particularly pleased that the unique nature of service will now be acknowledged in the bill, together with the principle that no disadvantage should arise from service - real issues for members of the armed forces.

"The inclusion of principles in the bill will help parliament to scrutinise the treatment the armed forces and their families receive."